We specialise in baking Premium Chiffon Cakes. Our awesome chiffon cakes are known for its light, fluffy and moist texture, as well the pleasant aromas are irresistable. Our cakes are baked without preservative, flavouring and colouring. Every bite feels like you are on cloud nine, heavenly yummy. It is often ordered to send someone as a gift too.  


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about us

Pandanese is named after pandan leaves, known as the Vanilla of South East Asia. Pandan leaves are commonly used for its flavouring in the cuisines of South East Asia. The fragrant leaves lend a unique taste and aroma to your cooking and baking.

Our signature chiffon, Pandan Chiffon Cake. CNN describes the cake made with pandan leaves : “When married to fluffy-yet-moist chiffon cake, it’s a revelation.” CNN also list Pandan Chiffon Cake as one of the Cake of the World.

We create a variety of Chiffons, including CLASSIC CHIFFON – the basic plain chiffon, the comfort cake; HAPPY CHIFFON – basic chiffon added with little buttercream for cream lover; LUXE CHIFFON – the ultimate chiffon dressed with rich buttercream and fillings for birthday or any occasions.

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